Jumpstart change and see immediate results. In this 30-day course you'll get step-by-step guidance on how to solve behavioral problems the easy way with hours of instructional and demonstration videos,  membership to our interactive virtual classroom, and coaching guidance from Brittany and Andrew.



Learn how to solve these issues in just 30 days!


☑️ Anxiety

☑️  Reactivity

☑️  Over-Excitement

☑️  Juming/Nipping/Guest Manners and more


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☑️ Do you feel like your dog doesn't listen or that they can be 'stubborn'?


☑️ Do you feel stress when thinking of guests coming over?


☑️ Would you sometimes describe them as a ‘handful’?


☑️ Are you frequently frustrated with their behavior?


☑️ Do you wish they could just chill?


☑️ Are you ready for guidance and support?


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Our Behavioral Foundations Program will help you transform your unruly dog into an optimistic, emotionally flexible and resilient, well-mannered companion.



🐕 An exercise to teach your dog how to ‘chill’ ON THEIR OWN and to let go of hectic emotional energy that causes excessive barking, digging, hyperactivity, over-excitement, stress, anxiety, and reactivity. 

🐕 Learn how to use one tool that will address over 25 common misbehaviors, including:

  • Jumping
  • Guest Greetings/Manners
  • Excessive Barking/Pacing/Whining
  • Counter surfing
  • Chewing
  • Pushiness
  • Dinner Table Etiquette

 And So Many More!

🐕 We'll teach you how to lay the groundwork for successful behavioral training by first removing roadblocks and internal and external conflict from the learning process that's inherent in almost every 'conventional' training approach. 

🐕 A simple, creative, and intuitive new common language - A system to inform your dog of very specific decisions they're making on a daily basis that you're overlooking. When you start "letting them know" about these, you will see IMMEDIATE positive changes in the choices they are making, ON THEIR OWN! 

🐕 Principles and ideas that will transform the way you see your dog and your training results

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"I am beyond grateful I found Dog Savvy Training! Andrew and Brittany have given me the tools to transform my dog Blue into the calm, goofy, loving dog I knew was in there under the anxiety. I was on the verge of accepting Blue was beyond my ability to train and having to give him up, when I decided to do the Behavior Foundations course as a long shot last attempt at finding a solution. With the simple skills and simple training techniques, I learned can easily be applied in everyday life with your dog, I am proud to say Blue is forever stuck with me!!"

- Adria & Blue



🐕 Over 4 Hours of Instructional Video 

Designed for busy dog moms and dads of all ages and experience levels. So anyone can do this, even the kids!

🐕 Step by step guidance on how to solve big problems the easy way 

Our program consists of videos that offer explanations of ideas, step-by-step instruction of methods, and demonstrations with dogs that HAVEN'T been 'prepped'. They show you the progression of skill from the very beginning all the way to the end. That way you have the entire training process to follow along with your dog from home. 

🐕 Super Cool Interactive Private Virtual Classroom

Enjoy 100 hours of support media for you and your dog and access to direct feedback from Brittany and Andrew. Take advantage of weekly ‘office hours' for virtual live group discussion and Q&A with Britt and Andrew.

🐕 Dog Training Made Easy 

Great training doesn't require putting in many hours. More is not always better! Instead, well-thought-out plans and energy spent in the right directions will yield far better results, requiring less effort and take less time. 

Are you ready to feel organized, supported, and confident in the process?

(um, OF COURSE you are!)

Create the life you envision with your dog today!

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"We have absolutely loved working with Andrew and Brittany! We enrolled in the Behavioral Foundations Program and noticed a significant change in the behavior of our dog, Jesse. We initially sought out help because of Jesse's anxiety and reactivity issues which were causing us a lot of stress! Even after a few weeks in the course, we noticed that Jesse had become so much more relaxed and we had seen a noticeable improvement in his behavior - both in terms of reactivity and just general good behavior around the house (leaving us alone when we're eating, less counter surfing, etc.). For a family that has done multiple different types of training the "traditional way" (obedience training through Petsmart, working one-on-one with multiple different trainers over the years), working with Andrew and Brittany has been the only one that has truly had an impact on Jesse. It is so amazing to see how their training system has changed how he sees the world, and the corresponding choices he makes. He does things now that we never could have imagined him doing before this training. When family and friends saw him after he started the training, they told us that he seemed like a completely different dog- so much more calm, relaxed, and pleasant to be around. We are currently in the advanced course and love the continued progress we see Jesse making!

Andrew and Brittany have also been amazing to work with. We love attending the bi-monthly group classes, which cover a wide range of topics, and working with them weekly in our coaching calls. They're super responsive to our questions and concerns and respond with meaningful and useful tips, even outside of our "class" or "coaching" times. One of the greatest things about working with Andrew and Brittany in this program is that we felt like it was really personalized for Jesse - not just a "one size fits all" program like we've done in the past. Even though there is a general curriculum that we went through, they were able to give us specific adjustments and instructions for Jesse based on his progress and his behavior. This is something that we really have never found in any other training program before and we really feel has made a huge difference for Jesse.

We cannot recommend this course highly enough!

  - Maya & Jesse

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Powerful Online Learning Elements

Online Course

Harness the power of incremental learning.

Login on your time. Absorb the instructional and demonstration videos in bite-sized, digestible pieces, and practice at your pace. You can re-watch it as many times as you need! 

Virtual Student Classroom

Community is powerful!

Ask us questions, post your homework, get valuable feedback, and see how other students are doing the work...all in real-time! We're here for you. Britt and I spend lots of time with each student in our classroom. We also conduct a LIVE group coaching session in the classroom EACH week to help you work through your program. The classroom is where we help you take what you're learning in your course and make it come alive in your life. Plus, having like-minded peers on the same path as you is not only fun but super encouraging

1:1 Coaching

Add On-demand guidance throughout your program ANYTIME

Between a streamlined, incremental learning process in your course and your participation in the classroom to synthesize your new skills, our targeted 1:1 virtual coaching ensures you have the individual support and guidance to feel confident you're moving in the right direction.


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