Resolve your dog's problems with our industry-leading approach to in-home private dog training.




An overhaul of the private lessons model has been LONG overdue in our industry!

The biggest complaints about dog training services are:

๐ŸšซLarge Upfront Costs

๐ŸšซStuck In a Contract

๐ŸšซNot Enough Time In a Lesson

๐ŸšซAnd No help in between!

We've FINALLY solved the riddle...

โœ… Pay-As-You-Go with one lesson at a time

โœ… No Service Contracts

โœ… 1.5-2 hour lessons

โœ… Exclusive access to our online video training library

โœ… PLUS Join our private FB group for 24/7 support and feedback

Stay in control of your money. Stay in control of your time. Stay in control of your training.
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โœ…  MORE TIME -Most in-home dog training lessons are only 1 hour long. This is a lot of pressure to learn! 1.5-2 hour lessons remove that pressure on you and your dog

โœ…  YOU'RE IN CONTROL -You lose control in a package deal. You're committed to a schedule or a timeline and you're out a large upfront expense. Who wants that? We move at your pace and your schedule. Alleviating these two common stressors means you have more fun!    

โœ…  UNRIVALED SUPPORT - Imagine you meet with your trainer for a session and then don't see them again for a week. You don't have any help between! How do you even know if you're practicing right? What now? Feeling discouraged while training is the enemy of success! We solve that with a membership to our private FB group for 1:1 guidance and feedback - 24/7. PLUS get access to our video library of online training. Watch anytime on your phone, tablet or desktop!


"This has been an incredible way to learn" - Beth D

"My dog and I have made more progress in 3 sessions than we did with an 8-week, $1500 program last year!" - Jamie S

"Andrew truly understands how to teach humans. Having 2 hours in each session has been a godsend" - Michael P.

"This has been such an enjoyable experience despite my dog having so many problems, lol. The support resources and virtual classroom have been on point. Super impressed." - Maddie J


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We are open Mon-Fri. We schedule lessons at 10am and 5pm. *Exceptions to these hours are made from time to time

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Get started with our online video prep course before your first lesson. Learn the basics on how we train in a short orientation. PLUS, step-by-step videos on how to teach your dog a few simple things to make your first lesson a breeze!

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