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"A complete overhaul of the 'in-home private lessons training model' has been LONG overdue in our industry.
They are referred to as training 'packages' or 'programs' and they contain several lessons often with a set curriculum.
Selling 'packages' is designed specifically to  get you to buy in at higher ticket prices because of the 'perceived' value it creates - it's called a "packaging-influenced purchasing decision". 
These are great for the business but can be not-so-great for you and your dog.  There's a few problems you'll encounter when we take a deeper look at some of the hidden 'costs' that directly affect your success.
So what are the hidden costs and what did we change?


✅  MORE TIME - Most all in-home dog training lessons are only 1-hour long. This often leaves the trainer, you, and your dog feeling rushed and no one learns well under pressure. Giving you 2-3 hours for a session instead of 1-hour offers you peace of mind with plenty of time to work through questions - drastically increasing you and your dog's success

✅  YOU'RE IN CONTROL - You lose control in a package deal. You're almost always committed to a schedule or a timeline and you're out a large upfront expense. Who wants that? We move at your pace and your schedule. By only committing to one session at a time, you're financially free from large upfront costs and totally in control of your schedule. Alleviating these two common stressors means you have more fun!   

✅  UNRIVALED SUPPORT - Imagine you meet with your trainer for a session and then don't see them again for a week and don't have any help in between. What now? How do you know if you're practicing right? "Wait, how did they do the thing again?" "I can't remember what she said". When these things start happening it causes you to feel discouraged and overwhelmed - 2 elements that are quite frankly 'kryptonite' to good learning. This is a result of a lack of support when it counts most - while you're practicing! With an exclusive membership to our virtual student classroom, you'll have everything you need to be successful! 1:1 guidance 24/7, video demonstration modules for the things we cover, access to on-demand virtual coaching, and 100's of hours of supplemental support videos at your fingertips anytime. 


"This has been an incredible way to learn" - Beth

"My dog and I have made more progress in two sessions than we did with an 8-week, $1500 program last year!" - Jamie

"Andrew truly understands how to teach humans. Having 2 or 3 hours in each session with him has been a godsend" - Michael 

"This has been such an enjoyable experience despite my dog having so many problems, lol. The support resources and virtual classroom have been on point. Way more guidance than I thought. Super impressed." - Maddie 


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We are open Mon-Fri and schedule in-home appointments from 11am up to our last appointment time of 5pm. *Exceptions to these hours are made from time to time

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As soon as you book your first appointment, you'll get access to our online prep course for you and your dog to get started right away. Learn the basics about how we train differently in a short orientation, step-by-step demonstration videos on how to teach your dog a simple and clear line of communication, and a really fun game that supercharges their ability to learn. All of these things done before our first meeting means were able to get right to work! 

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Who are Private Sessions For?


As a dog trainer with over 30 years of experience, this is our passion and our art and we care deeply about the families we work with. We advocate for the more deep and meaningful work with dogs and therefore don't promote many approaches that we would consider 'quick fixes'. 

We believe in doing thorough and complete work and doing that work at a pace you and your dog can maintain a sense of optimism and overwhelming success. 

We ask that those interested in private sessions please understand that we are here to support your learning; and that we are looking to work with families who are interested in learning how to train their dogs and deepen their understanding and connection with them. 

As your coach and educator, we're here to advocate for you and your dog to achieve the life you envision. We’re heavily invested in your experience, collaborating with you on plans and approaches and helping you resolve your dog issues.  

Though we have limited spots, we are always accepting and meeting with families who feel they are a good fit with us

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