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A Completely New Look at 'Reactivity'

'Reactivity', as it's now commonly called, is a well-known term for dog parents. It often refers to dogs who have some measure of a behavioral outburst or breakdown frequently triggered by something external in the environment. These ‘triggers’ can be innumerable. Things like other dogs, cats, people, trash trucks, doorbells, loud sounds, the mailman, skateboarders, bicycles etc.  - you get the point.  

But 'reactivity' is really a VERY general term that has no clear definition. The methods and ways to ‘deal’ with reactivity can vary just as widely as the ways in which you can potentially ‘trigger’ a dog. In traditional training models, the conversation about how to deal with ‘reactivity’ is almost always centered on the trigger. 

What we mean, is that under traditional training models the solution always begins with the problem in mind, which is often defined as...

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5 Pillars of Dog Behavioral Health

Did you know there are 5 major factors that play a role in your dog’s behavior? 

Some of the most common behavior issues we discuss with our students include nipping, over-excitement, hyperactivity, leash pulling, and obsessive barking. The FIRST place we start when we see these behaviors is by looking at five areas of wellness for your dog and whether or not they are fully supported in these areas. 

If your dog is feeling unfulfilled in one of these crucial areas, it won’t matter how much training you do! You’ll just end up playing a game of whack-a-mole with different misbehaviors and you may even end up with more serious problems down the road.

If you feel like you are struggling with your dog, evaluate if you are using all 5 of these pillars and using them correctly:

1) Sleep/Rest
2) Play
3) Mental Stimulation
4) Physical Activity
5) Affection


1) Sleep!

This is the most commonly overlooked area of behavioral wellness. Did you know that puppies need...

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